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Interested in having your pets join our IVS family? Here's how.

Thank you for trusting us with your pet's health! We are excited about being a part of their journey!

Please follow the steps below to become a part of the family:

Step One:

Please fill out our digital NEW CLIENT FORM so we can enter you and your pets into our system.

Step Two:

Please review and sign our digital POLICIES, DISCLAIMER, and CONSENT FORMS

Step Three:

Please fill out the digital INITIAL CONSULT FORM (one per pet) and be as detailed as possible.

Step Four:

We will need prior health medical records (as far back as possible) sent to us prior to scheduling the initial consult.  It is extremely important that we get a good history as to ALL prior medical procedures (lab work, vaccines, anesthesia, medications, etc.), no matter how trivial some of these things may seem - as they all allow us to get a full picture of your pet's health! We need these records prior to seeing your pet(s) so we are able to review them and address any possible concerns at the initial consult. Please email, or have your prior clinic(s) email us their full records to:

Once we have received all of these items, we will contact you to schedule an exam.

At the Vet
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